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Our website is run by SAKE Street editors with the support of expert contributors.
To ensure accuracy from a scientific perspective, starting from July 2023, we have received support from the Industrial Technology Innovation Center of Ibaraki Prefecture. Keisuke Tobita, Chief Researcher (Ph.D. in Agriculture) from the center, oversees some of the articles.
Our expert contributors responsible for writing articles are carefully selected by the SAKE Street editorial team for their expertise, tasting skills, and love for sake.
In a world saturated with information, our goal is to communicate sake's irresistible charm to the world by providing unique material about sake.


Keisuke Tobita

Keisuke Tobita

Chief Researcher (Ph.D. in Agriculture) at the Industrial Technology Innovation Center of Ibaraki Prefecture / Sake Expert Assessor, NRIB

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Keisuke worked at a start-up where he was involved in the research and development of lactic acid bacteria and business planning. During a work visit to a sake brewery in Tohoku, he became interested in sake fermentation after hearing about hiochi lactobacillus, which cause sake spoilage and fault. Since 2017, he has been in the current position, serving as a judge for the Kanto-Shinetsu National Tax Bureau Sake Appraisal and the Ibaraki Prefecture Sake Appraisal. His goal is to promote the allure of sake through a scientific approach. His specialties are in fermented food science and food immunology.

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Lives in Kanagawa Prefecture. An office worker who just loves sake, especially warm sake. At first, I usually enjoyed sake, but after meeting a restaurant that heats all types of sake, I became aware of the deliciousness of warm sake and enjoy it at home as well. Sake is made with advanced technology, and in order to preserve this wonderful technology, I want to increase the number of people who drink sake and say, "Sake is delicious!"

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Yuta Yamagishi(Nitrone)

First-year PhD student at Rikkyo University. Majoring in life sciences.

Surprised that sake is made by fermentation using only rice and water, read 'Moyashimon' and became interested in sake and fermentation.

I'm interested in micro-organisms and like to think about sake from a scientific and biological point of view.

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Daizen Suzuki

Born in Aichi Prefecture.

While working as a bartender in Australia, I became interested in sake when I could not explain anything about sake to my colleagues and customers.

I’m now hooked on sake and am studying for WSET level3 in Sake.

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Marufumi Nishino


Born, raised and living in Osaka. Works at Asano Sake Shop UMEDA near Umeda, Osaka. I like the fact that sake has various aromas and tastes even though it looks like a clear liquid at first glance. I'm trying my best to help customers enjoy drinks that match their current mood.

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Mayo Sera

J.S.A. SAKE DIPLOMA / J.S.A. Wine Expert

Gastronomist and writer. She loves drinking and good food and is interested in creating a casual community through foods and beverages. She is a J.S.A. Wine expert and dreams of one day opening her own coffee shop where you can drink alcohol.

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Saki Kimura


SAKE journalist / Editor / Writer

Lives in San Francisco, USA. After earning a Journalism Certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles, she worked at True Sake, the first SAKE specialty store in the United States. When she was in Japan, she was involved in editing and writing for books, magazines, and web media related to sake. Currently, she is the director of "SakeTips!", a web media with the theme of "Sake is for everyone", following the current state of SAKE around the world, focusing on local sake breweries in the US.

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Kohei Nito

Lives and works in Tokyo. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture (only grew up in Hokkaido as a child).

In his early twenties, while on a series of business trips to the countryside for his job, he discovered the goodness of sake. After learning about sake, he was asked to be in charge of sake selection at events. I am now a staff member at Jizakeya Kodama, a sake specialty store in Otsuka, Tokyo.

There is a lot of interest in "local sake", which is loved by local people in local places, and he is making efforts every day to convey the appeal of "local sake" again.